Duty SIM

One of Setel’s unique solutions is to provide customer’s DutySIM, a special SIM card that accesses an alternative network signal if your provider coverage falters for any reason.


DutySIM connects to all of the main UK mobile network providers (EE, Vodafone and O2) and will constantly seek the network with the strongest signal ensuring that you’re always connected to your services. If the signal weakens, DutySIM will automatically default to the next strongest signal/network.


This is ideal for businesses that need 24/7 coverage for voice and SMS services, particularly where a customer is under obligation in their response times, such as emergency services, security services, utility services, duty officers, and employees in remote locations.


DutySIM is charged in a similar way to all UK based SIM cards, yet is a highly cost-effective and efficient solution to ensure all key members of staff are contactable day or night.


Key benefits:

  • Ideal backup solution to ensure business continuity and avoid costly operational disruptions
  • An “always on” solution that requires no installation or specific equipment
  • Easy to use SIM card works with any unlocked phone
  • Extremely competitive call rates


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