International SIM

International sim-Cards work just like those in the UK.  Once in a respective country, local sim-cards guarantee much cheaper local rates compared to the high roaming charges incurred when using a UK sim-card whilst abroad.  An added bonus is free incoming calls, regardless from where they originate.  However, you will pay extra for international outgoing calls.


As radio frequencies of mobile networks vary from one country to another, you need to be sure your phone is compatible.  Typically, most UK modern mobile phones will support the three major international frequencies available across the globe.  “Quad Band” phones will work everywhere apart from Japan (unless your quad band is also 3G).  “Tri Band” phones will be fine in most countries except South America while “Dual Band” phones will work well in Europe but not America.


In addition, your phone must be unlocked.  International sim-cards are ideal for business users who tend to travel and stay in one country as local coverage is all that is required.  If travel spans across many countries or continents, a Global sim-card could offer more competitive rates across differing frequencies without the hassle of having to change to a new local sim with each new destination.


Key Benefits

  • Cheaper calls to local numbers whilst abroad
  • Free incoming calls from any location
  • Great for travellers who typically stay in one international location


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