Hosted Telephony

The conventional way for a business to deploy a telephone system would be to purchase incoming lines from one of the many providers available, select a telephone system that connects to those lines and have individual extension’s connected to the system via either traditional telephone cabling or through structured cabling (CAT5/CAT6).   These systems have required expensive on-going maintenance and support contracts provided by a plethora of different manufacturers and resellers. The industry has now moved on….   Having worked through the “early adopters” phase of Hosted telephony, VoIP and more recently, the development of SIP trunking, the “Hosted” telephony market is now matured to a robust mainstream technology and a viable alternative to physical office based phone systems.   Hosted telephone systems remove the need for a physical telephone system onsite as the system is hosted over the internet, allowing small businesses in particular the option to avoid having to purchase an in-house phone system.    


An ever increasing number of established businesses and start-ups are now switching from traditional in house systems to hosted systems to experience the increasing benefits a hosted system can provide  


Key Features

  • Typical 25%-50% saving compared to purchasing a physical telephone system.
  • Reduced set up costs – the only equipment items required on-premises are the IP phones themselves.
  • Free inter-Company calls via hosted telephony.
  • Reduced rate call charges on calls to external locations.
  • Scalability. In the main, hosted phone systems are modular in their design and can be scaled up or down as a businesses’ requirements evolve. This allows for increased control over costs as a business will only need to pay for what it actually uses.
  • Reduced maintenance costs as technical support is carried out remotely using an online web portal.


There is an extensive selection of handsets that are available for use with hosted telephone systems. Manufacturers are now ensuring all handsets developed include compatibility with all major hosted providers. Setel can advise you on which handset will be the correct choice for you and your business requirements and work with the major handset manufacturers to ensure the maximum benefits are delivered with least cost.