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Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers Businesses today can be located almost anywhere and need to be flexible and agile to stay ahead of the competition. Geographic and non-geographic numbers can be a powerful business tool to portray the image of scale and establishment or even a local (virtual) presence where you don’t have a physical office.   Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN’s) are special telephone numbers (marketing numbers) such as 0800 free phone, or 0844 that can be presented to any location landline or mobile phone. We can even provide 01 or 02 numbers (City Presence Numbers) so your business can offer a local number for your customers to call you.   Setel are specialists in providing non-geographic numbers at very attractive call rates and will use our expertise to advise you on the most suitable options for your business. For clients looking to implement a non-geographic number, Setel can also provide:


  • Access to the full (consecutive) numbering range – from free to premium rate
  • Call Statistics that will allow you to monitor and analyse your inbound call traffic
  • Access to a number of additional services including voice recording, auto attendant, bespoke IVR, inbound call routing and much more


Below is a list of the different types of NGN’s we can offer you.


  • 0800 / 0808 Freephone Numbers
  • 0843 / 0844 Numbers
  • 0845 Numbers
  • 0300 / 0330 Numbers
  • 0871 / 0872 Numbers
  • City Numbers


International Numbers


Working with many international businesses, Setel can also provide your business a Geographic or Non-Geographic number in virtually all European and International countries providing your customers calling from Europe or internationally a local or Toll free number to contact you on.


If you have any questions for us or would like to find out more information about non-geographic numbers, please don’t hesitate to call us free on 0845 888 7 888 or contact us online.


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