Call Recording



Increasing compliance regulations across multiple industry sectors has seen a notable increase in the requirement to record calls for both inbound and outbound telephony. However, it is also a valuable asset used to drive, monitor and improve the quality of your customer service and support.


Call recording software can be implemented for a wide variety of reasons as it means you can recall verbal agreements with customers at the click of a mouse to clarify situations and resolve disputes with minimal fuss


Call recording can be utilised in a number of ways including monitoring staff performance, evaluating marketing campaigns and promotions, improving customer service and recording transactions.


Setel can provide a number of call recording options to unify the recording of mobile, VoIP and fixed line calls in a single package. All options that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements set out by the FSA that update regularly to ensure that your business remains fully compliant when regulations change.


A variety of cost effective packages are available enabling you to tailor a solution to exactly match your requirements accompanied by a maintenance plan to suit your business needs.


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