Carrier Pre-Select

Carrier Pre Select (CPS) is similar to least-cost routing (LCR), which allows companies to receive the cheapest outgoing rates by having their calls routed to the cheapest known provider for each call destination. However, unlike LCR, CPS does not require the programming of a PBX telephone system. Instead, CPS is programmed at the local BT exchange to automatically route calls to alternative (cheaper) networks. CPS offers businesses a way to make substantial savings to their telephony costs without changing anything about how they operate or initiate a call, and without experiencing any disruption to the business.


Key benefits:


Simple. Fully automated call-routing means you’ll never need to dial a special extension to enjoy the savings of routing your calls through a chosen network.

  • Implemented at the local exchange by qualified BT engineers
  • Implementation is seamless with zero disruption to the business
  • No need to manually enter prefix codes


Flexible. CPS is applied to each telephone line individually. That gives you a high degree of flexibility in terms of configuring your service to fit your needs, plus the ability to choose what types of calls are routed with CPS.

Cost-effective and easy. CPS lowers your monthly telephone costs without any need for new systems installations or special equipment. We oversee the distribution of your services, so all you need to do is sign up and start making your usual business calls to start saving.


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