Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing (LCR) has existed for many years and is a tried and tested method for businesses to significantly reduce the costs of your out-bound telephony without any changes to your ability to make or receive calls.   Depending on the types of calls your business makes and the destinations you call, the savings that LCR can generate can range between 25% – 60% saving against standard BT call rates.   LCR works by re-routing outbound calls so that they connect through the cheapest pre-selected network provider, making sure that you get the lowest price per outgoing call, for all national and international destinations every time.   Having negotiated bespoke rates with our approved carriers/networks, Setel are able to deliver substantially reduced call rates to all global destinations, ensuring that each call is completed as cheaply as possible — all without compromising on call quality.   An additional-cost-saving measure allows businesses to register UK mobile numbers to our LCR service, enabling all international calls from registered mobiles to be charged as though it were made from a landline.



  • Reduce calling charges by up to a third every month
  • Works with every telephone and fax line
  • No installation costs
  • No need for scheduling site visits
  • No need to change your existing telephone lines
  • No need to change your existing telephone numbers
  • Enjoy the same call quality, while receiving lower monthly bills
  • Automatic call routing — no need to manually dial codes or install equipment


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