Business ADSL

ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) is an “always on,” high-speed broadband option for businesses who need affordable internet access with quick installation. Your business gets unlimited access to the internet for a fixed monthly price, with download speeds ranging from 8Mbps and upload speeds up to 832Kps. The digital service is delivered through standard copper telephone lines, which are split to allow simultaneous access to the internet while making voice calls.   The widespread availability and cost-effectiveness of ADSL makes it a good choice for small businesses that need high-bandwidth internet access without breaking the bank. However, businesses should be aware that ADSL customer share bandwidth with other businesses along the local exchange, rather than being connected directly into the internet backbone. This means that bandwidth can vary during peak usage hours due to ISP congestion. While ADSL is a reliable service, speeds can also be affected by distance from the local exchange. If it is absolutely critical that your business receive the same level of bandwidth regardless of the time or your business location, you may also want to consider a dedicated leased line.



Key benefits:


  • Affordable, common hardware
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Managed solutions for VPN and Firewall configuration available
  • Account managers consult with you to ensure you get the service that best suits your business needs
  • Low monthly subscription fee
  • Widespread use of ADSL in the UK means strong coverage throughout the country


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