Ethernet in the First Mile: dedicated bandwidth at an affordable price;


A broadband solution for businesses that are looking for a happy medium between shared broadband and leased lines. Similar to leased lines, EFM also offers the benefits of uncontended internet connection. This means never having to compete with other users for bandwidth, even at peak usage hours.


EFM is also an ideal solution for businesses which require symmetrical upload and download speeds. Ingoing and outgoing traffic both get the same priority, which means your data will transfer at the same rate in both directions, at speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 35Mbps.


What’s the difference between EFM and a leased line?


While EFM does not offer the same maximum speeds as fibre leased lines, the dependability and dedicated line connection of both services are the same. In addition, EFM can be more cost effective because it uses existing copper connections in your building to connect to the local exchange rather than fibre, making setup simpler and faster.


EFMs are not right for every business, but those that need less than 25 Mbps of bandwidth and wish for a lower-cost, ethernet-based broadband service will find EFM a resilient and optimised service. EFM may be right for you if your business requires greater bandwidth and greater capacity than traditional shared broadband but you are looking to avoid the cost and commitment of full-fibre Ethernet.


Key benefits:


  • No competition. 1:1 uncontended service with unlimited usage
  • Ideal for growing businesses. The logical ‘next step’ for businesses who are outgrowing their broadband connections.
  • Rapid deployment. Using existing copper connections into your building means quick installation without the need to dig up the road
  • Resilient architecture. Bandwidth is delivered over multiple bonded copper circuits, ensuring uninterrupted service even if one circuit malfunctions
  • Priority service. 24/7 support and guaranteed 6 hour timeframe for fixes
  • Cost effective. Cheaper than leased lines with simpler, faster, and cheaper installation
  • Symmetrical speeds. Upload and download large quantities of data at the same speed in either direction


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