Leased Line

Sometimes referred to as a data line or private circuit, a leased line is an ideal solution for businesses that require optimal performance, reliability, and guaranteed connectivity.   A DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) lease line provides optimized broadband speeds — up to 1GBps — that are private and connected directly to your location via fibre or ethernet. Having your own dedicated connection straight into the internet backbone means you’ll never have to compete for bandwidth and never experience slower service because of your business’s location. Now that’s dedication!


Point to Point leased lines


A Point to Point leased line provides high-quality data transfer directly between two business locations for a completely secure connection. Point to Point lines are not just ideal for the secure transmission of sensitive data, but for cost-effective communication between two business sites that transmit large volumes data.


Point to Point may be right for your business if you require:

  • A dedicated connection for voice and data transfer between two locations such as satellite offices and/or a datacentre
  • A dedicated connection between two independent computer networks
  • An always-on, reliable connection to the internet with guaranteed speeds day or night
  • A private connection to the public switched data network


Key Features:

  • Private connection with no contention means full bandwidth, all day every day
  • A range of bandwidths are on offer to suit all business types, from 2Mbps to 10000+Mbps
  • 99.9% uptime offers virtually constant availability
  • Fully managed service with network monitoring and customer support
  • Scalability allows you to increase your bandwidth as your business grows


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