services are ideal for small businesses who need to send voice, video and data with the security of reliability and high quality. The cost-effective nature of ISDN2 means that small businesses can take advantage of a digital service that’s comparable in price to two conventional analogue phone lines. The basic ISDN2 service has two lines (channels), which can be used simultaneously, allowing your business to make two calls, inbound or outbound, at the same time However, you can easily add further ISDN2 circuits as your business grows. For example, businesses that need to make 4 simultaneous voice calls can simply add another ISDN2 circuit to their existing service.  


Key benefits:

  • High performance voice and data delivered through a telephone line
  • Connect up to 8 devices to a single circuit
  • Devices can be digital or analogue
  • Scale up with easily added extra circuits as your business grows
  • Separate telephone numbers for each telephone, if desired
  • Caller ID, call forwarding, and the entire suite of digital telephony services available
  • Flexible support options means that services can be restored within varying response times in the unlikely event of an outage


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