Setel’s ISDN30 service offers voice, video and data communication for larger offices requiring more than 8 simultaneous calls, either inbound or outbound. We project manage your ISDN30 circuit installation to ensure that your business is quickly and efficiently equipped with a digital telephony suite that offers exceptional line quality. ISDN30 is a single digital telephone line which is the equivalent of up to 30 analogue lines (channels). Calls can take place on each channel simultaneously, which means your office can make and receive up to 30 calls at once. Additionally, channels can be combined to boost bandwidth for data-heavy applications such as the transfer of large files or high-quality video teleconferences. Though a single ISDN30 circuit allows for 30 simultaneous calls, it’s easy to scale up if your business requires more lines. Adding just one more ISDN30 circuit will increase by up to an additional 30 lines allowing your ISDN30 service to grow with you.


Key benefits:


● High-quality, crystal-clear voice communications, especially with other ISDN users

● Fast, reliable data transfer

● Flexiblility allows channels to be increased or decreased at any time to suit requirements as they change

● Flexible SLA’s (Care Levels) are available to provide greater support should there ever be a fault on the circuit

● Compatibility with digital or analogue equipment, resulting in minimal capital outlay

● Multiple numbers and DDI (Direct Dial) ranges can be added to each circuit to avoid the need for multiple circuits for each number


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