In Reach SE Satellite Tracking

With inReach SE, you can both send and receive text messages at the ends of the earth and everywhere in between with the handy colour screen and virtual keyboard. When you’re off the grid and out of cell phone range, you can quickly and easily share your journey, let them ping and message you, and always receive a delivery confirmation that your message was sent — all thanks to the Iridium satellite network with 100% global coverage. And in the event of an emergency, you can trigger an SOS, receive delivery confirmation, and then have an two-way text conversation with Setel operation centre.


InReach SE Screen Edition is the satellite communicator from DeLorme that puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand without having to pair the device.

  • Send and Receive free form, 160-character text messages outside of cell phone range.
  • View incoming messages.
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, or on your own shared map.
  • Trigger an SOS and interact back and forth with Setel 24/7 operations room.
  • Turn on tracking to share and view GPS coordinates.
  • Colour screen and virtual keyboard with predictive text.
  • Intuitive LED indicator for satellite availability.
  • Audible message notifications.
  • Long lasting internal rechargeable lithium batter for ultimate convenience and portability. 100 hours of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode with a clear view of the sky
  • Designed for maximum durability in harsh environment (Waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant).
  • Built on award-winning technology pioneered with our first inReach device.



  • Compose email or SMS address on the fly, or select from your phone contacts
  • Compose and send messages up to 160 characters
  • View incoming messages
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, or your own shared map


   Interactive SOS

  • Describe your situation in detail to improve emergency response
  • Stay in touch for mutual status updates on your situation
  • Automatic location tracking


  Follow Me/Find Me Tracking and Location

  • User-selected tracking interval (10 minutes to 4 hours)
  • GPS position accuracy to within 5 meters
  • View tracking breadcrumbs online


Interactive SOS

Describe your situation in detail to improve emergency response time. Stay in touch for mutual status updates on your situation Automatic location tracking   Your pushbutton-activated SOS alert is delivered to the Setel Emergency Response Centre, a 24:7 365 UK based operation with highly trained staffers who will coordinate with the appropriate response entity for you location and situation. Follow-me/Find location and me tracking is automatically activated by any SOS message, so responders can get to you as quickly as possible. Upon receiving your SOS delivery confirmation, you can send a pushbutton response, which confirms that you are conscious, and still in need of help.


If you determine that your situation does not qualify as a true emergency, you can easily cancel your SOS.


Satellite Tracking

By using GPS satellites with the latest hardware and technology, you can now track any asset on earth, whether it’s people, vehicles, containers, or any moving object! Our technology allows you to merge together all types of tracking equipment into one easy to use platform. The tracking equipment determines its location by triangulating a position using GPS (Global Positioning System) and then transmits this information via GSM, Satellite, or VHF to a central server for processing. Any operator can view and control any number of real time assets simultaneously.


Provides 100% global coverage through the Iridium satellite network


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