Pocket Buddy ‘PEARL’ Tracking

The Pearl is the most powerful personal safety device available which is small in size and lightweight. Combining the latest GPS technology with widely available GSM standards. The Pearl mobile is a GPS location device which is designed for personal security and has an inbuilt emergency button as well as a motion sensor. Both these features ensure direct contact to Setel Operations Centre where the monitoring and response service is managed and supported by NGS 24:7:365 should the user encounter a distressful or threatening situation.   The solution assists employers with duty of care responsibilities and adheres to the suggested HSE procedures for monitoring lone workers. For fully managed support, Setel recommends that tracking is complimented with the Setel Safe Travel System a web based tool which delivers a fully implemented itinerary tracking management solution.


Alarms and Messaging

  • Emergency Button enables instant access to Setel Operations
  • Track & trace to within 5-20 metres



  • 24:7:365 tracking monitoring and alarm response by Setel Operations
  • User profiles managed by Setel Operations as set by the client
  • Minimal user set-up requirements
  • Visibility of travellers on one map
  • 4 day battery and low battery alerts
  • Motion sensor alarm automatically triggered should the user fall or be in a man down situation
  • Four pre-programmable buttons for emergency contact numbers
  • Geo-fence in/out bound and both directions
  • Covert dial in functionality
  • Auto answer for pre-set buttons
  • Generation report of route history
  • Tracking reporting frequency from 1-60 minute set remotely
  • Flexible 24hr tracking duration set remotely
  • Reporting fixes determine user name, number, date, time and Lat/Long co-ordinates


#Notes –

  • Costs do not include VAT, local taxes or shipping charges.
  • A monthly international roaming voice and data enabled SIM is required to support the Pocket Buddy Pearl tracking (up to 3MB GPRS data)
  • Setel cannot be held responsible for interruption of the Pocket Buddy Pearl GPS tracking in the following circumstances,: local country GPRS / GSM inconsistent or network outage, loss of device, battery exhaustion, SIM card fault (if client has provide their own SIM)
  • The client will be provided with unlimited global monitoring portal logins
  • If when using the Pocket Buddy Pearl and the SOS panic alarm is activated, if the GPRS network is unavailable, the portal can be set on Automatic mode and the GPS co-ordinates will be sent via SMS (over the GSM network) to the Setel monitoring and reporting portal. Please note there will be a cost of GBP(£)0.10p per SMS GPS position and this cost will be invoiced monthly in arrears.
  • 12 month warranty conditions apply for the Pocket Buddy Pearl device
  • If Setel are providing a Worldwide, Vodafone, International Roaming Voice and Data enabled SIM card, any ‘out of bundle’ data or voice costs will be invoiced monthly in arrear
  • A standard operating procedure (SOP) will be agreed, including primary, secondary and tertiary escalation protocols to underpin and support all travel.


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