Smartphone Tracking

Setel offers a fully managed tracking solution on GPS enabled mobile phones (Blackberry, iPhone & Android).  The solution is managed and supported by Setel 24:7:365 Operations Centre for large numbers of routine travellers and executives travelling regularly to remote and high risk countries. Tracking settings are set in accordance with Client requirements so as to protect users’ privacy whilst maintaining maximum global support. Setel provides 24:7:365 tracking monitoring and response of panic alarms, speed alerts, manual position reports and safety zone crossings.  The tracking map is available at different access levels via a secure web platform for managers and travellers.

Setel’s Mobile Tracking Solution is an easy to use, effective Lone & Vulnerable Worker solution. Workers are equipped with the Safeguard software; either on GPS enabled Blackberry, IPhone 4 / 4S or Android devices. Your organisation can benefit from a range of levels of service. These levels range from mobile device based protection, to integration with our web monitoring system and digital mapping, to our fully managed services including our Voyage Manager Itinerary Tracker. Whatever your requirements, Setel can provide an unparalleled level of care and protection – ensuring workers and traveller’s are safe and your organisation fulfills its obligations.


Alarms and messaging

  • Covert panic alarm to Setel 24:7:365 Operations Centre
  • Alarm activation prompts two-way communications channel
  • Manual position reports
  • User option to receive text and/or email notification of alerts




  • ‘Pay Go’ turn on / turn off or VIP licenses options available
  • Remote OTA application download
  • Secure web platform mapping
  • User profiles managed by Setel Operation as set by the Client
  • Minimal user set-up requirements
  • 24:7:365 tracking monitoring and alarm response by Setel
  • Speed alerts set to any speed
  • Geo-fence in/out bound and both directions
  • Generation report of route history
  • Tracking reporting frequency of 1 minute upward
  • Reporting fixes determine user name, number, date, time and Lat/Long co-ordinates





1) Costs do not include VAT, local taxes or shipping charges.

2) Setel support all first generation; GPS enabled Blackberry models, including BES10, Android and IPhone 4/4S/5 device models.

3) Blackberry Bold 9780 & 9900 devices intermittently fails to update the GPS position after running for a period of time.  Performing a GPS Refresh from inside the Application or a ‘Refresh Location’ from the main Blackberry’s ‘Advanced Location’ settings fails to rectify the problem. This is an open bug that is listed on Research in Motion’s bug tracking site as an issue in the Blackberry Operating System firmware. The only (temporary) solution is to perform a battery pull.  However after a number of hours the GPS will likely fail and stop producing valid GPS fixes.

4) Setel are not responsible for local country GPRS / GSM inconsistency or network outage, loss of or faulty smartphone, battery exhaustion or SIM card fault.

5) A monthly international roaming voice and data enabled SIM is required to support the Smartphone tracking (up to 3MB GPRS data)

6) The client must inform Setel in the very event of a) change of Smartphone or b) change of SIM card as the device IMEI number, telephone number and user are synchronized with the monitoring portal.

7) The client will be provided with unlimited global monitoring portal logins

8) A standard operating procedure (SOP) will be agreed, including primary, secondary and tertiary escalation protocols to underpin and support all travel


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