– The broadband mobile office provided by Setel, Inmarsat’s award-winning BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) is a satellite communications service, which can be used to provide high-speed broadband Internet data and voice services simultaneously through a single, portable terminal.


Users are able to easily connect their laptops, switches, routers and other IP devices to the Internet – or integrate them to their corporate network – at high speed in areas where access to fixed-line or GSM networks is limited.


The high-performance, easy-to-use, lightweight BGAN terminals are the ideal solution for individuals or groups working in remote locations who need to send and receive high volumes of data.

Key Features

BGAN key features

  • High speed data rate (up to 492 kbps) for corporate network and office applications: email, web, FTP, etc.
  • Guaranteed streaming rate (up to 450 kbps) for live video & videoconferencing
  • ISDN (64 kbps)*
  • Voice: 4 kbps service, including voicemail
  • SMS up to 160 characters
  • Fax via 3.1 kHz channel*
  • Light-weight, portable terminals (less than 1Kg)* depending on your BGAN terminal

Bgan Coverage



  • Seamless and continuous coverage in areas where terrestrial telecom networks are poor or non-existent
  • No special technical expertise required to set up or use the service
  • Network is accessed via small, lightweight satellite terminals (about the size of a compact notebook PC)
  • Access data applications at speeds of up to 492 kbps and make a phone call simultaneously
  • Secure, quick and reliable
  • Setup a broadband mobile office in minutes from any location in the world


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